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Hello. I am a staff writer for The New Yorker, based in London. My first book, "The Premonitions Bureau,"was published in 2022. This website has links to my work, some information about me and ways to be in touch. I write a "Letter from the U.K," which you can read here. Thank you for stopping by.


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”What else is there to tell? I am bad at interviewing people. I avoid situations in which I have to talk to anyone’s press agent. (This precludes doing pieces on actors, a bonus in itself). I do not like to make telephone calls, and would not like to count the mornings I have sat on some Best Western motel bed somewhere and tried to force myself to put through the call to the assistant district attorney. My only advantage as a reporter is that I am so physically small, so temperamentally unobtrusive, and so neurotically inarticulate that people tend to forget that my presence runs counter to their best interests. And it always does. That is one last thing to remember: writers are always selling somebody out.”
Joan Didion, "Slouching Towards Bethlehem."

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